Opioid Overdose Reversal

Since the year 2000, the CDC notes that the rate of Opioid overdose leading to death has increased by 200%.  In the year 2014 alone, 28,647 individuals died from opioid overdoses; this accounts for 61% of all total drug overdoses that year.

We at AVRIO Pharmacy have made a commitment to provide top notch healthcare and assistance to all our patients and providers. This is why we are happy announce that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, on June 3rd 2017, passed bill AZ R4-23-407.01 which allows for the filling of opioid antagonists, such as Evzio, without a prescription.

Opioid antagonists chemically reverse the overdose by binding to receptors within the body that typically bind to opioids. The antagonist will boot the opioid molecule and replace it thus effectively reversing the overdose. A common example is that of narcan which is carried by many police, EMT’s, and hospitals in cases of opioid overdose.

A common issue that arises in many households that contain opioid precriptions is that children, pets, guests, or any number of people may have easy access to these medications without fully understanding the reprecussions. Having an antagonist on standby is essential to ensure safety in the household to prevent any fatal accidents. In the same way that those with severe allergies carry epi-pens, all households with opiate medications should have an opioid analgesic.


If you, or anyone you know is on an opioid containing medication, we implore you to have them reach out to AVRIO to inquire about how to get a reversal device at home. Prescriptions can be billed to your insurance, and in many state medicaid cases, the product will be covered with a 0$ copay.

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